Can you make custom size furniture?

Buratti Produce can manifacture furniture of every size, such to fully satisfy any furnishing need.

How long it takes to make and install a bathroom furniture?

Typically it takes about one month. In some special urgent case we can accelerate the production and deliver and install the furniture in 15 days.

What about your production criteria?

Our main guideline are based on architectural features of the bathroom, customer needs and taste: first functionality, then aesthetics.

Do you perform on-the-spot investigation?

We usually perform an on-the-spot investigation, such to exactly measure the bathroom and prevent any possible discomfort.

Which materials do you adopt?

We try to suggest strong materials, resistant to best selling cleansers. We can use laminated wood, natural wood, brown and whitewashed oak, teak, cherry wood, laquered wood. Tops can be made of wood, marble, baked caly, glass, nicron, corian.

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